we guarantee that the fuel on our stations will be green

With the one clear goal at sight - to create true ultra-green mobility, REH2 offers a scalable platform for green infrastructure. From renewable energy sources the fuel is produced on site at the refueling stations.

about us

The REH2 project was initiated in 2017 by Christoffer Löfström with the purpose to create a scalable platform for rapid expansion of fossil free infrastructure to meet the political and market needs for true fossil free mobility in a financially sound way. 

In 2017 an agreement was made with Rasta to establish Hydrogen infrastructure on all Rasta sites. The hydrogen refueling stations would be additional services on already existing locations.
In 2020 Christoffer Löfström and Nilsson Energy AB jointly created REH2 AB with the purpose to have one company for hydrogen mobility and to continue the projects initiated by Christoffer. 

In 2021 the investment firm Qarlbo AB, became the majority owner of REH2. Later that year REH2 was granted 354 million SEK from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency for the establishing of 24 hydrogen refueling stations. 


The REH2 network creates true Hydrogen mobility in Sweden. The initial 24 stations facilitate the national backbone of stations which REH2 will continue to build on with the goal of keeping its no.1 position.

The hydrogen refueling stations will be additional services on already existing Rasta locations where all the other infrastructure like restaurants, convenient stores and hotels are in place. The locations are strategically located along the major Swedish highways and will solve the mobility for hydrogen heavy duty trucks in Sweden and enable the fossil free transportation.


REH2-team has a strong environmental focus and is based in the heart of Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg. Come visit us at the Hydrogen Dome of Sweden located at Lindholmen in Gothenburg. The business offices are located around the corner.

If you are interested in helping us create true ultra-green mobility send your CV or apply for our open positions at our career site

The team




Patricia Ekenberg

Head of Administration